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Caravanning in Morocco - Your advantage

Enjoy Morocco in an favourable way

Motorhome rental in Morocco is a very economical way to enjoy Morocco. Transport, stay and duration and the different destinations, gastronomy, etc., are of your choice and you adjust them to what you believe is the most convenient at the time, but on top of that you have the possibility to make your holidays profitable.

Make your holiday profitable

Caravanning in Morocco has stretched the rent and guidance price rates in order to offer a product at proportional fair prices.

But it is not less certain that, enjoying the visit to such a magnificent country, you can acquire products for incredible low prices. And when comparing the price of the same products in your country, it will give you the sensation that actually your holiday did not even cost you a penny.

Morocco is a country that has a spectacular artisanal knowledge and that it engages in the “national sports’, that is haggling over the purchase price. As such, you might obtain articles that would be unthinkable to acquire for that kind of low prices in Europe. On top of that you are exempt of taxes at customs. Below you have a list of the most known artisanal products:

  • Leather, in its different definitions, is of superior quality. Vests, overcoats, trousers, hassocks and floor seats that are filled with wool. Don’t forget to take the measure of the people whom you want to give such a gift.
  • Carpets are absolutely spectacular and are available in every size, quality and againstany price. Don’t forget to take the measurement of the places where you want to have a carpet.
  • Metal craft: teapots, glasses, jars, ancient sinks, trays. The shimmering when entering the shop will dazzle you.
  • Woodcraft: tables, chairs, frames, etc.
  • Cloth for tapestry, curtains or dresses, all of them are really precious.
  • Gold and silver: bracelets, rings, diadems, belts, earrings. Although the price for gold and silver is the same everywhere worldwide, jewellery work is cheaper in Morocco.
  • Musical instruments of percussion, cords, wood or traditional: lutes, guitars, harps, flutes, etc.

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