Tourist guided tours

Tourist guided tours for groups in Morocco

Caravanning in Morocco has taken into account that each group of customers have their own preferences and want to contrat a guided tour in a personalized way.

In order to meet this need, Caravanning in Morocco will arrange for you a tailored guided tour, specifying a budget per person depending on the wishes of the group.

We provide you with the following tips, in order to assist you, as head of the group, to develop preferences.

Own vehicle or a rented one?:

  • The group can choose to make the guided tour with a rented motorhome.
  • The group can choose to make the guided tour with an own trailer or motorhome.
  • The mixed way gives you the option of making the guided tour using own vehicles as well as being able to rent the number of motorhomes necessary.

How many days lasts a guided tour?

  • The minimum duration of a guided tour is ten (10) days.
  • A guided tour has no maximum number of days.

How do I spend the days of visit during a guided tour in Morocco?

The way of spending your days during a guided tour, will depend on the duration of the tour.

If you choose for a guided short-term (10-15 days) tour, it is convenient to make the tour in one geographic area only or a tour with fewer destinations to visit.

While if you choose a guided tour of more days (from 20 to 30 days or more), a more extensive and detailed area can be covered.

What are the most popular tourist tours?

  • THE IMPERIAL CITIES (between 10 and 15 days)
  • THE ATLANTIC COAST (between 10 and 15 days)
  • THE GOLF TOUR (between 10 and 30 days)
  • THE COMPLETE GUIDED TOUR IN MOROCCO (between 22 and 30 days or more)
  • THE MIXED TOUR OF GOLF AND TOURISM (between 10 and 30 days or more)

What is incluided in a guided tour of a minimum duration?

  • Accommodation in camping sites close to the places to visit; the people and vehicles are provided with electrical connection, a hot shower and internet connection.
  • The paperwork of the tourists and its (rented) vehicle is settled at the border control. (Administration for residents of countries for whom a VISA is required, is not included).
  • During the whole tour you are in company of two cars driven by your personal guides of Caravanning in Morocco.
  • You travel with a round-trip ticket and take the boat that crosses the Strait of Gibraltar (Spain-Morocco-Spain).

What options can you add a guided tourist tour?

  • 1, 2 or 3 meals in all its variants. (Only breakfast, breakfast and dinner, full board, etc.)
  • Visits with official guides in the different places to visit.
  • Entrance to monuments, shows, attractions,etc.
  • Buses, minibuses and/or taxis where the access of motorhomes is not allowed or is completely inconvenient.
  • …………

And in the case of a guided Golf tour,

  • Overnight accommodation in the different resorts of golf.
  • Restaurants in the different resorts of golf.
  • Green Fee.
  • Caddies.
  • Golf Car
  • …………

Have brighter holidays with more comfort with Caravanning in Morocco.