Locations C

Destinations of the different camping sites in Morocco

Locations to find the closest camping sites towards your destinations.

Travelling with a motorhome gives you the freedom to overnight anywhere, nevertheless Caravanning in Morocco always recommends to overnight within campings for different reasons:

  • Your vehicle and ownings are always secure.
  • You can enjoy the services that the camping offers.
  • The prices of the camping are quite moderate.

Any small inconvenience with the vehicle can mess up the journey. The risks decrease exponentially when your vehicle and you are in a camping and, as such, you can visit the city by means of a taxi or in any other way of transport. In cities like Marrakech, Fez, Casablanca or Rabat the traffic is rather chaotic. It would be hard to drive through it with a big motorhome.

Here we give you camping directions that you will encounter during your journey: