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Andalusian destinations in Spain

For those people who want to know Andalusia a little bit more.

Dolmen of Menga

In Antequera you will find one of the most important megalithic constructions in the whole world. It is a small space but inside the Dolmen you will feel as if time goes back for thousands of years.

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Torcal of Antequera

At a few kilometres of the city Antequera you will find this natural karst which has been in evolution for 200 million of years.

Caminito del rey (The king’s path)

Is situated at a few kilometres of the city of Malaga. This path consists of a promenade of 7 km of trails and suspended gateways on the wall of rocks. The whole promenade lasts 4 to 5 hours.

Keep in mind that the entrance is limited to a certain quantity of visitors per day and children under 8 years aren’t allowed. You need to make a reservation beforehand on its web site.

Alcazaba of Málaga

In the centre of Malaga you can visit de Arabic fortified palace with at the base the roman theatre. It is situated near the emblematic museum.

Castle of Gibralfaro in Málaga

With an own parking and situated on the highest hill that dominates the most beautiful views of the whole city, you can find de Castle of Gibralfaro. While promenading along the walls you will also enjoy magnificent views.

Cave of Nerja

At 65 km of Malaga, on its oriental coast, you will find the city Nerja and its caves.

It is a very beautiful place where after 40 years of discovery they still keep discovering new rooms and they are working to open them for the public. Really magnificent and spectacular.


Nerja is a beautiful city and very touristic at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea where walking becomes a relaxing enjoyment.


Is another beautiful city to enjoy its most touristic places.


Also, Malaga is a city where you also can visit museums like: