Caravanning in Morocco - Golf

Enjoy playing golf in Morocco

The usual image that a tourist has of Morocco is the desert and ancient Medinas, but Morocco has diverse touristic possibilities and one of them is the possibility to enjoy to play golf in Morocco.

Could you play golf in front of the Atlantic Ocean with a constant temperature between 25° and 32°C throughout the year in your country of origin?

In Agadir, yes, it is possible to do so, besides 5 other different golf tracks.

Could you play golf on a 9 holes track that is situated between the walls of a Royal Palace in your country of origin?

In Meknes, one of the four imperial cities in Morocco you are able to play golf in Royal Palace.

Could you play golf in your country in a zone that is located at only few kilometres of an imperial city where the biggest pedestrian zone in the world is to be found, included in the list of the world heritage sites of UNESCO, or which changes its appearance 3 times a day?

In the cities of Fez and Marrakech you will be able to choose to play golf on 13 different golf tracks.

In Morocco you are able to choose between 30 golf  tracks in 15 different locations.

Caravanning in Morocco offers two different possibilities:

  • Rent a motorhome in Morocco with CIM and organise your own itinerary through Morocco.
  • Organise anitinerary through Morocco completely personalised for a group of golf players. The personalised itinerary is managed by our collaborating associate, a tourist agency with decades of experience in Morocco. The group decides all the details of the journey; flights, intern transportation, hotel category, the numbers of golf tracks they want to visit, restaurants, menus, etc.

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