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Rent of motorhomes in Morocco with Fly & Drive

Fly & Drive
Caravanning in Morocco offers the opportunity the use the touristic alternative Fly & Drive enjoying your holiday from the very start.

Fly & Drive offers a lot of advantages for people who come from countries far and away from of Spain or Morocco.

Low-Cost air companies offer diverse options of direct routes to different Moroccan or Spanish airports.

You will be allowed to choose between different Spanish and Moroccan airports in order to use this service. For example, only 135 kilometres separate the airport of Pablo Ruiz Picasso in Malaga (Spain) and  the port where you will take the ferry to Morocco.

If, instead, you wish to pick up or to give back the Motorhome in Morocco, you can choose different Moroccan airports, and as such you are free to select a way without having to go back to the point of departure.

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