Caravanning in Morocco - Welcome to CIM

Welcome to CIM

Caravanning in Morocco (CIM)  is a tourism company that offers you all what is needed to enjoy Morocco on board of a motorhome.

Caravanning in Morocco facilitates the rent of motorhomes with all the authorizations needed to visit Morocco. It also provides you with all the equipment and needs to enjoy your journey through Morocco at its best:

  • Tablet.
  • GPS.
  • Modem-Router.
  • Maps.
  • Guidance at any border or frontiers.
  • User manual.


Thanks to this package provided by Caravanning in Morocco , you will have the confidence of having all the necessary material to travel through Morocco, always knowing where to go to in an autonomous way.

Caravanning in Morocco gives you the opportunity to choose different itineraries, different forms of leisure and destinations: golf, beach, desert, imperial cities…

Caravanning in Morocco provides you with the possibility to create a group of travellers to make guided itineraries through the associations: clubs or socio-cultural groups and/ or private persons.

Caravanning in Morocco provides you with logistic coverage for movie and/or TV-producers, model agencies, to be able to photograph and/ or record the magnificent views localised in Morocco.

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