Caravanning in Morocco - Advised

Rent of motorhomes in Morocco is advised

The main advantage of Caravanning in Morocco is to succeed getting the client to be completely autonomous while fully enjoying an unknown country, like Morocco.

If you travel autonomously with the rent of the motorhome (only in fixed rate), we offer you a multimedia package, included in the price:

  • A 7” Android tablet with protective case and AC charger.
  • An integrated GPS in the tablet with more than 80 memorised localisations sorted by itineraries in Morocco and Malaga (Spain).
  • A 12 volt AC charger with car plug.
  • Modem Wi-Fi router with internet data card from the Moroccan provider Meditel (connexion price not included), with the ability to connect to your own computer or the provided tablet. This way you will be able to use Skype, check your mails and surf on your favourite webpages.
  • A cartographic map of Morocco to visualise in detail the itineraries you choose.
  • A supportive and consultation manualabout Morocco in which you will find tips and information to travel through Morocco. Besides that you will find information about essential itineraries and places for your journey.

A guide that will accompany and provide you with the documents to have the motorhome and its passengers transit any frontier or border, is included in the rent.

The cost of the Ferry to cross the street of Gibraltar (there and back) is included in the rent (such will take between 60 to 90 minutes depending if it is a fast ferry or a large tonnage ferry).

If, instead, you follow our guided itineraries,the only thing for you to do, will be to enjoy your journey.

Rent of motorhomes in Morocco is advised

Multimedia package from Caravanning in Morocco

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